nature spirits

Objects may also carry specific energies of nature spirits, plant spirits, or animal totems. Plants have their consciousness not in their physical body, but on a different plane of existence, as do animals, stones and nature spirits (elementals). In fact, humans are the only ones that have their consciousness fully anchored in the physical plane.Shamans are aware of this and befriend beings from other planes of manifestation, including stones, plants and animals, with whom they have learned to communicate. Plant spirits (dryads) specifically agree to keep an energetic connection to the object I make, usually with a leaf or other part of the plant as contributing ingredient. It will keep sharing its energy with you, as long as you give love in return, not only to the specific plant, but to nature and Mother Earth in general. Just visualize a spiral on the object and send your love, at least once a month. It will keep up the energy.