A powerful healing mirror

Sometimes you get more than you bargain for. A client came for healing, and in between sessions he borrowed my healing soul mirror to support his process. He only needed to gaze into it a couple of minutes for stress to disappear and to feel completely focused in the here and now. He was so enthusiast that he wanted one for himself. So I made one with the intention that it would meet his specific needs.The result was surprising, completely different from the previous three I had made. It turned out that I had channeled more than the nettle dryad. A Kachina had bound itself to the mirror. Kachina’s are important in native American cultures from  the South Western deserts.  They mediate between heaven and earth. This one made the mirror exceptionally powerful.

Its function was to help my client realize his dreams for this life. But it was far from relaxing, on the contrary, it was like a spirited horse that needed a firm hand.  This mirror was fully intended for my client, but it was also a challenge, since he needed to become strong enough to wield it.   Since it was not exactly what he had ordered, he had the right to refuse the piece. But he didn’t, he has taken up the challenge, and for all I can see he willgrow into his powers.

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